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St. Paul United Methodist Church
May 2020

These have been some deadly times for Black men and women in these United States. It seems that the only thing that is "united" is the "cheapness" of Black lives. A jogger running, a civil servant sleeping, a bird watcher watching, a man who committed a minor offense pleading and so many others that we do not have record of have lost their lives for no reason. And it seems it takes a long time for the law enforcement and the legal system to make a decision when it comes to justice for Black lives. To add insult to injury, when representatives of the Moral Majority or Black Lives Matter movements peacefully protest and are confronted by law enforcement, they are arrested or tear gassed. When armed whites are confronted by the same law enforcement nothing happens. How is that fair?

And how about this, a Black CNN reporter on the scene in Minneapolis with credentials and news crew is handcuffed and arrested on camera for reporting. No White reporter has suffered such "presumption of guilt."

What makes matters worse is the silence of the people of God. What is obviously Black and White seems to be matters of gray. What happened to "He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth?" When will God's people take their rightful stand of demanding that "justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever flowing stream?"

And specifically, where are the White voices? Black folks are the victims. Black folks have been speaking up. But to solve this, White folks are going to have to confront White folks and call them out on their racism. I know in this age of Trump, White folks are afraid because of his lies and bullying. Yet, there is a higher One that we must fear. This is not just about democracy. This is about decency, morality and righteousness. Jesus did say "And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

Our nation needs help. Our nation needs guts. Our nation needs compassionate national leadership.

It is time for God's people to stand up and let their voices be heard. It is time for the nation to turn from its wicked ways.

Pastor Jenkins

March 2020
Dear Church Family and Friends,

Thanks to all who joined us in worship online last Sunday. We needed to worship! And it felt good to worship!

What you and I are going through now is an ever moving target. Decisions are made by the hour and minutes. Our church leaders are keeping up with the latest and trying to respond by faith in order to serve our community and our congregation.  We try to interpret what local and state governments mandate and comply and serve. 

Above all, we are the church.  We are the Body of Christ, representatives of Christ in the world. We want to represent Him well as good and faithful servants. As a church we contribute not only to the spiritual health of our people but to their emotional, mental and psychological well being. We exist to give people hope. As a church we serve the community and others. This community has come to depend on the generosity of the people at St. Paul. Through the Food Pantry, the Meals on Wheels route and the Blessing Box we offer critical services to this community. 

These services to the will community continue even in this pandemic times. Now to be sure, we go the extra mile to protect our volunteers and those we serve, but to stop is not an option. We are called to watch and pray. That is, we follow the best advice of the medical community and we pray as we do so. We do not dismiss their advice.

At St. Paul you can depend on us not being reckless or foolish. You can depend on us to contribute and not take from. You can depend on us to care about our community. 

So stay safe everybody. Practice good hygiene. Keep up with the latest. Get out in the open to walk and refresh and revive yourself. Enjoy your family. Connect with people with whom you have not connected in sometime. Read your Bible for encouragement. Pray for guidance and instruction. Worship online for inspiration.

And by all means laugh! Enjoy life! Don't live in fear! We will make it through this! Our God is with us!

Come on, somebody, say AMEN.

Pastor Jenkins
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