St. Paul United Methodist Church
  • Wednesday

       6:00 am via 605-313-4829  access code 969604#
       6:15 pm via 605-313-4829  access code 969604#

    Bible Study
      12 noon & 7 pm
        via 605-313-4829   access Code 969604#


 Higher Education & Campus Ministry


During the school year, the Committee supports  academic excellence and achievement by offering tutoring in all subjects at no cost. The Ministry prepares youth for a post-secondary education by sharing resources on scholarships, loans and other information to assist with a successful four or two year college education. The ministry  distributes one time grants to any St. Paul student pursuing an education at a four or two year institution.  The committee maintains contact with students while they are away at college offering spiritual guidance and moral support 


2400 Dellabrook Road Winston-Salem, NC 27105 336.723.4531