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(Updated weekly on Friday)

Dear Friends,
Join the St. Paul Church family as we prepare for the birth of our Lord each Sunday approaching Christmas. The time beginning this Sunday is called the season of Advent. The theme is The Holy Spirit at Christmas as we highlight the role of the Holy Spirit in the events prior to, during and following the birth of Christ. 

Each Sunday we will passionately worship our God, beginning with praise at 10:50 am. This week
Pastor Jenkins will be preaching on Guiding God's People from Matthew 1:18-25

The St. Paul Mass Choir will sing and the Ladies Dancers will perform. 
Worship is a place to praise God, to mature in faith, to learn what to believe, to be challenged to change, to give financially to God's work, to be encouraged to obey Jesus, and to be sent forth into God's world.  Join us in worship because you want to be better.

In other words, through worship we want worshipers to 
  • Learn about God
  • Experience God
  • Commit to God
St. Paul is committed to the mission of the church, Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.  Catch and experience our passion for God and others. Be transformed and learn how to transform others. Contact us and we will help you to catch the passion.

Yours in Passionate Service and Worship,

Pastor Jenkins
and The St. Paul Family


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Pray for St. Paul and St. Paul's prayer for you is that the Lord God would bless you real good! 

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