St. Paul United Methodist Church
  • Wednesday

       6:00 am via 605-313-4829  access code 969604#
       6:15 pm via 605-313-4829  access code 969604#

    Bible Study
      12 noon & 7 pm
        via 605-313-4829   access Code 969604#


You can now give online!
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...for the Lord loves a cheerful giver.  2 Corinthians 9:7
Believers give because in them is the giving "DNA."  God is a giver.
St. Paul is a tithing church.  Our church is supported by the regular and faithful tithes of God's people.  In addition, we offer opportunities to give to specific causes through offerings.  Our outreach work is supported through our weekly Mission's Offering.  Scholarships are funded through the annual Church Anniversary Offering in May.  Revival is supported through an offering in October.  Then at Christmas we give an offering to support Africa University.  In these ways, we tangibly show that we care.
When you give at St. Paul every cent is used to further the cause of Christ.  We would have it no other way.

2400 Dellabrook Road Winston-Salem, NC 27105 336.723.4531